Taking the race track by storm is one thing, but introducing a non motor-sport concept to an established motor-sport industry is totally different. In the three months since its inception Litespeed F3 has already proved that it likes to do things ‘differently’, but the team’s recent ‘tie up’ with Altair Financial proves that it is willing to set different standards that may well pave the way for the rest of the industry.

Altair will provide Litespeed with corporate cards for the team, to be used for expenses and a daily allowance. The cards are prepaid in association with Mastercard and an issuing bank and will be loaded by the management by sending funds to the settlement bank account, which in turn are loaded onto the cards.  ‘This is an excellent way for us to manage daily funds and ensures that team members are never ‘out of pocket’,’ said Litespeed MD Nino Judge.

‘Since we will be competing overseas in 2009, it was important for us to find an international system that works. Altair provided us with the solution with their Euro cards, allowing us to transfer funds at a competitive FX rate that is immediate. Our team members are paramount in our considerations and this way all expenses are covered and no one need use their own credit card.’

Edward Evans, Chief Operating Officer of Altair Financial said, ‘We are delighted to be in association with Litespeed F3, a new company that is raising more than a few eyebrows on the British F3 circuit. Nino came to us with certain requirements, primarily to provide a secure system that would allow for flexibility abroad. Whilst Litespeed has chosen Altair, in return we offer them our support for an extremely prosperous future.’

Litespeed F3 will be racing again at Donington on 12th October.