Callum Macleod - the name evokes images of classic American Westerns, but this 20 year old from Gloucestershire, is as contemporary as they come.  With movie star good looks and unquestionable racing talent, Macleod has worked hard to get where he is today – driving for the LitespeedF3 racing team in the British F3 International Series.

Winner of the 2007 British Formula Ford Championship, which he won by a record margin, Macleod was a natural choice for LitespeedF3 when deciding upon a driver for their recent debut at Snetterton.

‘Callum is an intuitively skilled driver, whose professionalism and dedication to motor sport echoes the ethos of our company,’ said Nino Judge, MD of Litespeed.

‘Litespeed was born from technical expertise and advanced design, which has allowed us to bring a credible racing car the World’s most highly rated F3 series. Callum adds his track experience and ‘driving’ ambition to a team with genuine belief in it’s prospects both today and in long term.’

Inspired by the speed and intoxicating roar of the engines at an F1 race at Silverstone, Macleod knew that there was only one choice for him and from the age of eight, he has been racing.  After karting, he mastered his craft in the highly competitive UK Formula BMW Championship and Zetec Formula Ford. From there, the challenge was on and British Formula Ford beckoned, which he dominated from the outset in 2007.

With aspirations of following Nelson Piquet, Ayton Senna and Mika Häkkinen from F3 to F1 Championship wins, Callum Macleod is set to be a name to remember. Riding a horse in the American outback would equate to ‘hum drum’ for this young man whose F1 dreams, LitespeedF3 intends to fulfil.