LitespeedF3 had it’s first outing this weekend in the British F3 International Series at Snetterton. Whilst attracting significant admiration for its retro ‘Starsky and Hutch’ livery, the ‘proof of the pudding’ was always going to lie with the car’s reliability and performance, and deliver it did.

Testing for the first time on Friday in wet weather conditions, with a driver who had, until then, not even sat in the car, the team produced competitive results that highlighted the engineering ‘know-how’ behind this hugely anticipated new entry to the world’s leading F3 championship. Being only a second off the pace in its first test in National Class showed the potential of the car and has thrown down the gauntlet to the other teams on the grid.

‘That in itself was justification for the hard work that has been undertaken by the team,’ said Technical Director, Steve Kenchington, ‘but the following two days took us to a level that was beyond our expectations at this stage.’

Qualifying in the wet was to be a bonus, but then the sun raised its head on Sunday. Imagine a team with no dry weather testing and as a result no stats. Naturally the first race was treated as a test – part of the organisation’s ‘shake down’ weekend - and again the car was only a second off the fastest lap in National Class. This was achieved despite having fast corner under-steer, which is evidently critical at Snetterton.

‘When we faced the force of the International Class, we pulled the car in and the result was finding half a second, allowing us to dip in the 63s’, said Kenchington.

The second race was perhaps even more telling. Callum McLeod, winner of the 2007 Formula Ford Championship was at the wheel and in the first lap managed to jump five positions. Whilst there was a steering issue that forced MacLeod to intelligently take the car off the track, there is no question that LitespeedF3 has brought a performance driven car to the series.

As most people would admit, the fact that the car looks great is certainly not a hindrance!  Pretty and powerful are a very strong aphrodisiac.